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We, Sui Enterprise Co., Ltd., are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers for Fire Sprinkler Systems as Sprinkler Heads, Preaction Valves, Alarm Check Valves and other facilities and so on in Korean market.

Since established in 1987, we have tailored our organization to meet the ever demands for development of the field of fire fighting facilities.

Also we have joined N.F.S.A.(pro-135) in 1995 and we have approved KS A/ISO 9001 in 1997, obtained KS(Korean Industrial Standards) mark on Check Valves. Also, we have supplied Check Valve and Suction Diffuser in US from last year.

We, therefore, are looking for new items to supply to our customers and worldwide partners continually under our technical expertise. We are sure that customer services and technical development for everyone should be lively and eternally as one of Fire Sprinkler Systems manufacturer.

Ever since established in 1987, We, Sui Enterprise Co., Ltd., have earned a reputation for Korea's leading manufacture of Fire Extinguishing Valve and Sprinkler Head Systems. In recent year, out business has allowed us to supply to worldwide market, we therefore are ready to make products which have world class quality, also to expand business areas under our technical expertise. We are sure that our products would be to meet the highest range of 21st century and to save your lives constantly.

We thank you very much for visiting our company.

Sincerely yours,

President Un-Hwa Jung

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